--- I didn’t see her yesterday . --- Of course, you , because she had gone on a trip. A. can’t B. may not have C can’t have D. mustn’t have 查看更多



I didn't see her yesterday.

Of course you ________,because she had gone on a trip.

[  ]

B.may not have
C.can't have
D.mustn't have





W:Don’t you have any good news?

M:No.Yesterday, I had to stay after school, because I was talking during my biology teacher’s class.

W:You’d better keep quiet during class.

M:Sometimes I do.The day before yesterday, I was very quiet during my history teacher’s class and I still had to stay after class.

W:I don’t understand.

M:Because I fell asleep during his class, but it wasn’t my fault.The lesson was very dull.

W:I advise you to take school more seriously.If you don’t pass your exam, you’ll have to go out and work as a result.

M:I don’t see that it makes much difference.If I have a job, I have to do dull work every day, but if I’m in school I must listen to dull teachers every day.

1.What is the possible relationship between the man and woman?

A.Good friends.

B.Mother and son.

C.Teacher and student.

2.What did the boy often do at school?

A.He was often late for school.

B.He often fell asleep in class.

C.He often stayed after class.

3.Which of the following statements is true?

A.The boy prefers to go out and work.

B.The boy has neither interest in school nor in work.

C.The boy is discouraged because he hasn’t passed the exam.


M:How long have you been studying English?

W:For about six years.I started when I was ten.My teacher was from America.He was a very good teacher.I enjoyed studying English with him.

M:Are you still studying English?

W:Yes, I go to an evening school now.

M:How often do you have classes?

W:Twice a week usually.

M:Do you find English difficult?

W:Yes, it’s rather difficult, I think.Do I make many mistakes?

M:No, your English is very good.Do you often listen to the radio?

W:Yes, I listen to the radio every night.

M:Do you enjoy reading English books?

W:Yes, I read a lot of English books.But I prefer conversation.I like talking to foreigners.

4.How old is the girl?




5.What does the woman think of the study of English?




6.What did the woman enjoy most?





M:You look worried.Is anything the matter?

W:It’s my son.He hasn’t come home yet.I can’t understand him being so late.

M:Where’s he gone?

W:To visit a friend.I didn’t want him to go.I don’t like him going out at night.

M:Well, it isn’t very late.

W:It’s nine o’clock.I expected him to be back about eight.And it’s already dark.


W:I can just imagine him losing his way.Or falling off his bicycle.

M:Er…how old is your son?


7.Why does the woman look worried?

A.Her son has lost his way.

B.Her son hasn’t come back yet.

C.Her son has gone out at night.

8.Where has her son gone?

A.To school.

B.For a ride.

C.To visit a friend.

9.What do you think has happened to the woman’s son?

A.He has got lost.

B.He has fallen off his bicycle.

C.We don’t know.


W:We’re thinking about putting on a show this spring.

M:Do you think you’ll be able to make some money?

W:Oh, no, we just want to do it for the fun of it.You know there are a lot of us who like to get up a stage and perform.

M:What kind of show?

W:A musical play.

M:Have you decided who to do it?

W:We have three in mind, and of course we’ve been thinking about you.

M:Me? Why me?

W:You sing, don’t you? Everyone says you have a wonderful voice.

M:Well, I have sung a little, but I’ve never really appeared on a stage.

W:I thought you sang in church every Sunday.

M:That’s different.There are so many others singing too.

W:Then here’s your chance to find out how good you are.And not just to sing but to act and dance too.

M:Oh, it might be exciting.

10.What will they put on a show for?

A.For money.

B.For fun.

C.For others.

11.What can we conclude from the dialogue?

A.They want to put on three shows in all.

B.Three people will appear in the play.

C.They will sing three songs in the play.

12.What can we learn about the man?

A.He’ll sing and dance in the show.

B.He often gets up a stage.

C.He sings pop songs for money.


Now back to the news.

Ten people died yesterday morning when a boat sank off the Gold Sand Coast.Eight were able to swim to the shore and were saved by the coast guard.The boat was on its way to Beill Island.

Police are looking for a man and a woman in their early twenties who broke into a bank in the early hours this morning.This was reported by people working in the shop opposite who heard the breaking of glass.Two people were seen running away.The man is said to be very well-built, with dark hair which is very long.The woman with him is said to be small with short hair cut very close to her head.She was wearing blue trousers and a brown jacket.Anyone who has any information please gives further details to the police.

13.What were the eight people doing after the boat sank?

A.Saving the others.

B.Swimming to the shore.

C.Helping the captain.

14.When did the robbers break into the bank?

A.In the afternoon.

B.At midnight.

C.Early in the morning.

15.What was said about the man?

A.Tall and strong.

B.Strong with long hair.

C.Fat and well built.


It is a dreadful thing to be poor a fortnight before Christmas, said Clorinda, with the mournful sigh of seventeen years.

Aunt Emmy smiled. Aunt Emmy was sixty, and spent the hours she didnt spend in a bed, on a sofa or in a wheel chair; but Aunt Emmy was never heard to sigh.

“The gifts which money can purchase are not the only ones we can give, said Aunt Emmy gently, nor the best, either.

“Oh, I know it's nicer to give something of your own work,” agreed Clorinda, “but materials for fancy work cost too. That kind of gift is just as much out of the question for me as any other.”

“That was not what I meant,” said Aunt Emmy.

“What did you mean, then?” asked Clorinda, looking puzzled.

Aunt Emmy smiled.

“Suppose you think out my meaning for yourself,” she said. “That would be better than if I explained it. Besides, I don't think I could explain it. Take the beautiful line of a beautiful poem to help you in your thinking out: 'The gift without the giver is bare.

“I'd put it the other way and say, 'The giver without the gift is bare,” said Clorinda. “That is my predicament(窘境)exactly. Well, I hope by next Christmas I'll not be quite bankrupt. I'm going into Mr. Callender's store down at Murraybridge in February. He has offered me the place, you know.”

“Won't your aunt miss you terribly?” said Aunt Emmy gravely. “I think she would rather have your companionship than a part of your salary, Clorinda,” said Aunt Emmy. “But of course you must decide for yourself, dear.”

“Well, I must say bye-bye and run home.” Clorinda lived just across the road from Aunt Emmy in a tiny white house behind some huge willows. But Aunt Mary lived there too--the only relative Clorinda had, for Aunt Emmy wasn't really her aunt at all. Clorinda had always lived with Aunt Mary ever since she could remember.

Clorinda puzzled over Aunt Emmy's meaning for days. Then all at once it came to her. On Christmas Day, Clorinda went over to Aunt Emmy's. Aunt Emmy was lying on the sofa before the fire, and Clorinda sat down beside her.

“I've come to tell you all about it,” she said. “Aunt Emmy, I thought for days over your meaning ... And then one evening it just came to me. At first I didn't think I could give some of them, and then I thought how selfish I was. I would have been willing to pay any amount of money for gifts if I had had it, but I wasn't willing to pay what I had. I got over that, though, Aunt Emmy. Now I'm going to tell you what I did give.”

“First, there was old Aunt Kitty. You know she was my nurse when I was a baby. She is always glad when I go to see her, but I've never gone except when I couldn't help it. She is very deaf, and rather dull and stupid, you know. Well, I gave her a whole day. I took my knitting yesterday, and sat with her the whole time and just talked and talked. She was so pleased and proud; she told me when I came away that she hadn't had such a nice time for years. ”

“Then there was ... Florence. You know, Aunt Emmy, we were always intimate friends until last year. Then Florence once told Rose Watson something I had told her in confidence. I found it out and I was so hurt. I couldn't forgive Florence, and I told her plainly I could never be a real friend to her again. Florence felt badly, because she really did love me, and she asked me to forgive her, but it seemed as if I couldn't. Well, Aunt Emmy, that was my Christmas gift to her ... my forgiveness.”

“I gave Aunt Mary her gift this morning. I told her I wasn't going to Murraybridge, that I just meant to stay home with her. She was so glad--and I'm glad, too, now that I've decided so.”

“Your gifts have been real gifts, Clorinda,” said Aunt Emmy. “Something of you--the best of you--went into each of them.”

“I didn't forget you, Aunt Emmy,” she said, as she unpinned the paper.

There was a rosebush. Aunt Emmy loved flowers. She put her finger under one of the roses and kissed it.

“It's as sweet as yourself, dear child,” she said tenderly. “And it will be a joy to me all through the lonely winter days. You've found out the best meaning of Christmas giving, haven't you, dear?”

“Yes, thanks to you, Aunt Emmy,” said Clorinda softly.

1.Clorinda felt anxious before Christmas because___________.

A. She had to leave Aunt Mary

B. She didn’t know what kind of Christmas gifts she should buy

C. She had not enough money to buy Christmas gifts

D. She had no time to make a proper decision

2. Which of the following sentences can best explain the line “The gift without the giver is bare.”

A. A gift is valued by the mind of the giver.

B. Forgiveness is a gift for the giver and the receiver.

C. You cannot buy love or respect with expensive gifts.

D. Think twice before you give gifts to somebody

3.What is the gift that Clorinda gave to old Aunt Kitty?

A. Passion?? ????????????? ????????????? B. Sympathy?? ????????????? ????????????? C. Kindness?? ????????????? ????????????? D. Company

4.What does the underlined phrase “in confidence” mean?

A. respectfully??? ????????????? B. confidently??? ????????????? ????????????? C. secretly??? ????????????? ????????????? D. willingly

5. Which two words can best describe Aunt Emmy?

A. cute and joyful??????????????????? ????????????? B. kind-hearted and emotional

C. optimistic and wise???????????????? ????????????? D. gentle and timid (羞怯的)

6.Which of the following is the best title?

A. A Special Christmas?????????????????? B. Clorinda’s Gifts

C. Aunt Emmy????????????????????????? D. Clorinda’s Choice