0  446914  446922  446928  446932  446938  446940  446944  446950  446952  446958  446964  446968  446970  446974  446980  446982  446988  446992  446994  446998  447000  447004  447006  447008  447009  447010  447012  447013  447014  447016  447018  447022  447024  447028  447030  447034  447040  447042  447048  447052  447054  447058  447064  447070  447072  447078  447082  447084  447090  447090 

134. _____ more from his bed, Washington Roabling directed construction by watching from his apartment window. 

  A. Be able to       B. Be unable to       C. Unable to         D. Able to


133. It is a common belief _____ teenagers today know about computers and are familiar _____ using them in an aspects of life.                           

  A. that; out        B. what; with        C. That; with        D. what; about       


132. No sooner _____ the parrot flew oat and settled in the same tree _____ the cat.

  A. had Jim opened the cage that; as        B. had Jim opened the cage than; as

  C. Jim opened the cage than; with        D. Has Jim opened the cage than; with


131. The sun was shining brightly, _____ everything there _____ more beautiful

  A. making; wok     B. to make; looked     C. and made; looking   D. and making; be looked


130. Mr. Green drove slowly on the way home until he reached the high way, _____ the speed limit was to miles per hour. 

  A. because        B. which           C. where           D. that


129. Henry can’t attend the party_____ at Tom’s house at present because he is preparing the speech at the party _____ at Marie’s house tomorrow.   

  A. held; being held   B. to be held; to be held C. to be held; held     D. being held; to be held   


128. - We are leaving on June 15.

  -So why not come to spend _____ days with us? I’m serious.

  A. all these last few   B. these au last few     C. these last all few     D. all last these few   


127. The soldiers soon reached _____ was once an old temple _____ the villages used as a school.

  A. which; where   B. what; which       C. where; which      D. what; where


126. It was five o’clock in the afternoon _____ they climbed up to the top of the mountain.

  A. since          B. when            C. that             D. until            


125. Last term our maths teacher set so difficult an examination problem _____ none of us worked out.

  A. that          B. as             C. so that          D. which