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54. After the school spurts, our headmaster   the pries.

  A. gave away          B. gave in           C. gave off          D. gave up


53. I’m planning to hold a party in the open air, but I can make no guarantees because

  is   the weather.

  A. links with          B. depends on        C. connects to        D. decides on


52. -Can you shoot that bird at the top of the tree?

  -No, it’s out of   .

  A. range             B. reach            C. control              D. distance


51. You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman   be so rude to a lady.

  A. might             B. need            C. should           D. would


50. -I’d like to go to the cinema with yon, dad.

  -Sorry, my darling, but the film is   for adults only.

  A. admitted          B. intended          C. promised        D. permitted


49. He   be in his office now, because he phoned me from his home just now.

  A. mustn’t            B. needn’t          C. can’t            D. shouldn’t


48. -I saw Jim at the meeting yesterday?

  -Did you? I think he   have attended, for he is an expert.

  A. needn’t            B. mustn’t          C. shouldn’t         D. couldn’t


47. Anyone who has ridden on a railway train knows how rapidly another train flashes by when it is traveling   .

A. in the same direction                    B. in the opposite direction  

C. toward the opposite direction             D. against the same direction


46. - Kennedy Airport, please. I have to be there by 7.

- _____, but I’ll do my best.

  A. No problem         B. Ok              C. I can’t promise     D. I can’t do that


45. I think it   to let farmer have their own land. In that way, they can farm the land by themselves, and food production will be higher.

  A. no good            B. makes sense       C. talks sense        D. usefulness