0  446910  446918  446924  446928  446934  446936  446940  446946  446948  446954  446960  446964  446966  446970  446976  446978  446984  446988  446990  446994  446996  447000  447002  447004  447005  447006  447008  447009  447010  447012  447014  447018  447020  447024  447026  447030  447036  447038  447044  447048  447050  447054  447060  447066  447068  447074  447078  447080  447086  447090  447090 

94. Galileo lived in the city of Pisa in the 1600’s, about 400 years ago, _____, as is known to us all, there is a leaning tower about 180 feet high.                            

  A. when          B. as              C. where           D. there 


93. If you go to Xi’ an, you’ll find the palaces there more splendid than commonly _____.

  A. supposed           B. suppose          C. to suppose        D. supposing        


92. We were just _____ calling you up _____ you come in.   

  A. about; when     B. on the point of; while    C. on the point of; when    D. on the point of; as


91. Although we hadn’t me for twenty years I recognized him _____ I saw him.

  A. the moment     B. one moment       C. by the moment     D. for the moment


90. Once lost, _____.                              

A. it is said to get such a chance again.        B. One can never get such a chance again.

  C. such a chance will never come again      D. to get such a chance will be difficult.


89. -Who are you waiting for?                                 

- _____ the man wounded in the left leg.                             

  A. The doctor will operate on            B. The nurse to be looked after                    

  C. The doctor to operate on             D. His brother got                  


88. A bullet hit the soldier and was wounded in _____ leg.

  A. a             B. one             C. the              D. his


87. _____, I have never seen anyone who’s as capable as John.                         

  A. As tong as I have traveled             B. Now that I have traveled so much  

  C. Much as I have traveled              D. As I have traveled so much                    


86. So difficult _____ it to live in an English-speaking country that I determined to learn English well.

  A. I have felt      B. have I felt        C. I did feel         D. did I feel         


85. Finding her car stolen, _____.                         

A. a policeman was asked to help.        B. the area was searched thoroughly                    

  C. It was looked for everywhere          D. she harried to a policeman for help.