0  446941  446949  446955  446959  446965  446967  446971  446977  446979  446985  446991  446995  446997  447001  447007  447009  447015  447019  447021  447025  447027  447031  447033  447035  447036  447037  447039  447040  447041  447043  447045  447049  447051  447055  447057  447061  447067  447069  447075  447079  447081  447085  447090 

105. --- Look at that actress on the stage. She is already fifty.

--- You are joking. She doesn’t look      .

A. so              B. it               C. that                D. the same.


104. --- Carol Walker didn’t turn up last time, did she?

--- No. She   . We had changed our plan.

A. shouldn’t have gone     B. needn’t have to come C. didn’t need to come      D. needn’t have come


103. --- You were late again, Peter.

   --- Sorry, I    to be here on time, but the traffic on the roads    heavy.

   A. wanted; was        B. had wanted; was     C. wanted; were          D. had wanted; were


102. --- Have you had a good evening?

--- Well, I     this film on television but it’s rubbish so I think I’ll turn it off now.

A. watched          B. was watching       C. have been watching      D. had been watching


101.    and the problem would be straightened out.

A. A bit more effort                      B. Having a little effort 

C. If you have a bit more effort              D. There being a little effort.


100. ---Why did Mr. Smith sell his house?

   ---It was only      it was small     he sold it.

   A. when; so          B. that; for           C. because; that           D. for ; and


99. ---Have you passed the entrance examination?

  ---No. I     , but I failed.

   A. didn’t pass          B. tried            C. tried to               D. had tried


98. “If you want a ride,” said Brenda, “get ready now.     , I’m going     .”

   A. Therefore, alone     B. Otherwise, alone     C. So, lonely             D. However, lonely


97. I remember     for the job, but I forget the exact amount.

   A. to pay             B. paid             C. to be paid             D. being paid


96. The workers can’t have finished their work yet,     ?

A. can’t they          B. can they           C. did they              D. have they