0  446982  446990  446996  447000  447006  447008  447012  447018  447020  447026  447032  447036  447038  447042  447048  447050  447056  447060  447062  447066  447068  447072  447074  447076  447077  447078  447080  447081  447082  447084  447086  447090  447090 

35. I would appreciate    if you come to my grandma’s birthday party and say “Hello” to her.

    A. that           B. it              C. you           D. her


34. Not only     give people relaxation and pleasure, but     increase their knowledge of any kind.

    A. can travel; it can               B. travel can; can it C. can travel; can it D. travel can; it can


33. To all the famous artists’ surprise, the unknown woman’s two      paintings are also on show in the art exhibition.

    A. little blue oil    B. blue little oil    C. oil blue little    D. little oil blue


32. --- Shall we meet tonight?

   --- Sorry, I’m busy. How about     day?

    A. every other     B. the other       C. any other      D. some other


31. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls is a great tourist    , drawing millions of visitors every year.

    A. attention      B. attraction      C. appointment   D. arrangement


30. Tom, turn down the music. Why you make such a big noise while your baby sister is sleeping?

    A. could         B. would         C. should         D. must


29. --- How can you use my computer without my permission?

   --- Oh, I     to tell you. I hope you don’t mind.

    A. forget         B. forgot          C. had forgotten  D. am forgetting


28. It is a good idea to ask for a map at the information center,     may prove to be very useful before you start your tour of the museum.

    A. where         B. which         C. who          D. that